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Pembe feeds has over the years grown to be one of the leading animal feeds manufacturers with plants spread across East Africa. A strategic business unit established by Pembe Flour Mills Ltd, it is recognized for its consistent quality and performance. Pembe began manufacturing feeds in 1997 in Industrial Area within Nairobi.

It kicked off with a small mill but in 2006 a new automated and state of the art mill was installed which currently produces a larger capacity to cater for its wide spread clientele base. This expansion was inevitable due to the growing demand of Pembe Feeds within the vast market. Today the company is proud to be associated with the biggest key players in the dairy, poultry and horse industries.

Pembe Feeds designs, formulates, manufactures and distributes high quality animal feeds to its customers and the market at large. The importance of quality is also captured in their mission statement, which states, “To manufacture the highest quality of animal feeds and achieve the utmost level of customer satisfaction that meets world class standards”. Pembe feeds recognizes the key role farmers play in the agricultural sector and thus include this aspect in their vision statement which states “Being the region’s leading animal feeds manufacturer that efficiently produces quality animal feeds and to help farmers maximize their returns”.